RODEO-HOF-exhibitOnce here, it quickly becomes apparent why we regard the Coliseum as a “living museum.” We actively work with our historians and organizations to keep each area vibrant, educational and entertaining.  This building not only hosts a competitive championship rodeo, but tells the stories of the men who have made early and modern-day rodeo possible. Ongoing efforts by associations and curators continue to add more layers of historical significance to our displays and tours.

The Texas Rodeo Cowboy Hall of Fame
The Texas Rodeo Cowboy Hall of Fame is dedicated to preserving the history and the heritage of the Texas rodeo cowboy and cowgirl. The Hall contains pictures and biographies of over 300 famous and not so famous Texas Rodeo cowboys, cowgirls, and others who shaped rodeo from it’s inception…literally the history of Texas rodeo.

BillPickett-ExhibitThe William “Bill” Pickett Museum
Located in the east wing of the Coliseum, the William “Bill” Pickett Museum pays tribute to the Rockdale legend whot laid the foundation for today’s popular steer-wrestling event when he developed a method of bulldogging. His success on the rodeo circuit also opened the door for other African American cowboys . Voted a favorite by Fort Worth Stockyards visitors, the pictures and artifacts in this display tell the story of cowboy performance through the years.

TBRHOF-MontageThe Bull Riding Hall of Fame
NEW! The Bull Riding Hall of Fame is being created to recognize, commemorate and celebrate the bull riders, bull fighters, the bulls, stock contractors, events and individuals that have made a history making impact and have achieved exemplary excellence in the sport.

ColiseumWallThe Cowtown Coliseum Hall
Commissioned in 1986 as part of the Cowtown Coliseum’s renovation and restoration, the 80+ feet of mural are compelling and accessible for patrons of all ages. From school bus tours to western heritage buffs, the stories of the many speakers, performers, leaders and heroes who have graced the arena stage share not only the chronology of events, but the special circumstances surrounding the occasions.

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