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As long as we’ve been in Fort Worth, surprisingly we’d only been by the Cowtown Coliseum, and never inside it. It wasn’t until recently when we heard it was also a museum, that we decided to take a tour and were amazed by the rich history of the Rodeo Cowboy that can be found inside these century-old walls.

Here you find the photos, stories and displays that showcase the rich tableau that is the cowboys performance in the arena and out. More than ropin’ and riding’, much of the story also includes the many people that mad the spectacle of the rodeo possible. Promoters, managers, supporters and fans’ stories are woven into the fabric of all these tales.

The Coliseum Hall tells the building's story.

The Coliseum Hall tells the building’s story.

When you tour the coliseum, you are immediately transported back into a different era. You feel it in the bricks, wood, windows and railings … as if you’ve found a way back to the 30s or 40s. But modern features are also throughout, and most captivating is the spectacle of Coliseum Hall where the story of the building and its many famous entertainers and events through the years is told in big bold colors and photographs of everyone from Teddy Roosevelt, Caruso, Bon Hope or Elvis. So many greats have made this their stage.


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